PressCoin 2.0

Revitalizing Media, Restoring Democracy, Rebooting Economics

A News DAO

Stay tuned for the new News Decentralized Autonomous Organization to power financially independent news media and entertainment. Society needs a free press, and the press needs freedom.

Protocol Power

PressCoin 2.0 is a real protocol, simliar to HTTP and TCP/IP. While the initial choice of blockchain will likely remain Ethereum, PressCoin embraces a web2.5 approach to utility across the Internet and across the physical world.

Platform Power

The PressCoin ecosystem is a seamlessly interconnected set of content-driven community-powered platforms, running on top of a sophisticated FinTech + AI engine.Stay tuned for announcements.

People Power

PressCoin returns power to the people of the Internet, to regain control of a calmer narrative that focuses on real issues and not identity politics, and not supported by a pure profit motive.

PressCoin 1.0

Reach out below if you have NEWS tokens and need to swap them for the new PRESS tokens. They're coming soon, so get in touch.

Web3, 2, 1, 0.

Instead of Web3 and tomorrow Web4 and Web5, we're here to take us back to the future of the Internet. PressCoin is powered by a Web0 Protocol, interconnecting human users of the Internet across Web1, Web2, and Web3 platforms and blockchains. The Future of News Media is of the people, by the people, and for the people.Sign up below to get notified when we launch PressCoin 2.0. Or to get involved in the PressCoin ecosystem as a corporate partner, software developer, young startup, or retail investor.Get ready for PressCoin2.0 ☀️🚀

Thank you

We will be in touch with ways to get involved. Prepare for the new news!

PressCoin 1.0

Reach out below if you have NEWS tokens and need to swap them for the new PRESS tokens.

The old tokens will be burned upon the completion of the swap. Stay tuned for dates and announcements.PS - PressCoin 2.0 goes beyond web3. And here's the PressCoin 1.0 Whitepaper.